About Us

There are two divisions in the office.

The first handles paperwork on appointment, dismissal and promotion of faculty and staff, as well as their salary scales and their transfers.

The second division treats matters such as reward, discipline, training and study programs, leave of absence, appeals, compensation and welfare, insurance and retirement and survivor benefits for personnel. It also handles compilation and analysis of personnel statistics and other personnel related matters.

Job Description:

  • Build an organization with a focus on quality, flexibility and speed to support our missions and goals
  • Manage the overall recruiting and requisition fulfillment process in the (regional ) recruiting center
  • Train recruiting and University development managers
  • Provide overall organizational leadership for the HR operation
  • Responsible for policy development and administration, legal compliance, recruitment and employment, benefits administration, compensation, personnel budget forecasts payroll and HR information systems, performance consulting/management, training, employee relations, workplace safety, and employee services
  • Supervise staff and teachers who administer and deliver HR related services in the Shu-Te University
  • Work closely within the organization to achieve a high level of internal customer satisfaction and compliance with all governmental regulations
  • Responsible for developing a human resources strategy, functional plan, goals and programs that are based upon and directly linked to the overall purpose, goals and values of the company
  • Develop effective and affordable HR programs, which will enhance the future performance of the company
  • Be responsible and accountable for the timely execution of the plans and programs company wide
  • Serve as a liaison / consultant to business functions to identify opportunities to improve performance, enhance service delivery and to effectively incorporate changing technologies into effective methods
  • Build and foster cooperative working relationships with all levels of the organization to ensure the alignment of HR efforts with the strategic vision and practical direction of the business
  • Work with management to continue the development and implementation of innovative recruitment and retention processes for all levels within the organization
  • Continue the development and implementation of competitive benefits programs
  • Continue the development and implementation of the employee review and appraisal process
  • Develop and monitor key indicators to measure execution and effectiveness of programs in all areas of human resources and insure corrective action is taken where needed
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the President